I/we hereby authorize Dixoplex Pty Ltd to debit my/our account with the banking details specified (or any other bank or branch that I/we may change to) any variable amount pertaining to this agreement, which comprises of a monthly subscription charge plus any charges incurred for any ad - hoc reports purchased that are not included within the subscription, on or around the deduction day specifed. You hereby agree that Dixoplex Pty Ltd reserves the right to enable the NAEDO collection and tracking facilities to secure the outstanding amount. With the NAEDO and tracking facilities enabled, your account can be deducted from for a period of 10 after the specific deduction day, based on there being funds available.

I/we hereby authorize your agent MyGate Communications (Pty Ltd or any other agent nominated by you to debit my/our account on your behalf. This debit order agreement may be cancelled by giving thirty days written notice in writing but I/we understand that any amounts withdrawn while this agreement was in force is owing.

I/we hereby agree that the party hereby authorized to debit my bank account may not cede or assign any of its rights and that I/we may not cede any of our obligations in terms of this debit order instruction to any third party without prior written consent of the authorized party.